TOET het TOETjesparadijs


We recently moved to Groningen, yay! A whole new town to discover… as well as all of the new, unknown, restaurants. Yikes. I decided to tackle this like I always do on vacation: look at websites to see what local celiacs recommend. TOET was one of them. Fully known as TOET het TOETjesparadijs (‘toetje’ means dessert in Dutch, so don’t expect too many savory things from this post ;)) or, the dessert paradise, the establishment is known for their gluten-free desserts.

Knowing my other half has a horrible sweet-tooth (I’m more of a savory kind of gal), I knew he would have a good time here. TOET has a fixed menu but adds seasonal treats to the mix. During our first visit, we wanted to have a bit of everything and decided to order a tasting platter.


The tasting platter features three TOET favorites: chocolate lava cake, a carrot cake, and a raspberry cheesecake. Let’s just say, there wasn’t a morsel left to waste off of the platter, everything was so good! My favorite parts were the surprise of milk chocolate in the bottom of the chocolate lava cake, the texture and taste of the buttercream on the carrot cake and the tanginess of the cheesecake.  After this trip, we decided TOET could become a staple.

During a different visit, we had a lemon cheesecake which was divine (really, if it’s sweet, it needs to be tangy for me). The edible flowers provided a nice little crunch and the crust was both soft and crunchy: just the way I like it. We don’t have pictures of our other visits, but of the 5 times we’ve visited, the glutard didn’t get sick even once.

THAT BEING SAID: they do have gluten products on the premises and it is wise to let them know you have celiacs disease beforehand. We made the mistake of buying scones and only finding out they were gluten-FULL after they had been packed up. Their standard gluten-full products are the pear tarte tatin and the chocolate biscuit cookies, but they also have other seasonal + occasional gluten products (and a sketchy oat coffee of sorts?). Be safe and ask ahead of time!

I give TOET het TOETjesparadijs a 4/5: the desserts are amazing, but because there are gluten products on the premises there is always a risk.
Check them out here: TOET het TOETjesparadijs


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