Travel: Harlingen ‘Eetcafé Nooitgedagt’

On our way to Terschelling for our yearly Easter visit, we decided to have lunch at Eetcafé Nooitgedagt (meaning Neverland), an industrial chic diner in the center of Harlingen (so close to the ferry 😉 ). We were very pleasantly surprised!

The staff was great! They took their time helping us order and knew what they were talking about. The glutard ordered a lunch of bread rolls with pastrami, mozzarella and pepper sauce, but the expert staff was able to substitute the pepper sauce (which was gluten-full) with a red port sauce that wasn’t. In our opinion, this tasted great together, so there was no grief, haha! And if you’re wondering, the cover picture IS the gluten-free lunch (look at those rolls!). For an impromptu lunch with no reservations, this really surprised me: usually restaurants want people with dietary wishes to call ahead of time, especially if they expect this kind of bread. But luckily, they just had it on site, and it was delicious! Here, take another look at that beautiful plate:


Besides great gluten-free food, the atmosphere was really nice as well! Industrial chic restaurants risk feeling a bit cold, but they had decorated the restaurant nicely, giving it a homely feeling! We will definitely be back next year, 5/5 stars 😉

Make sure to visit their website (in Dutch, but the waiters speak English):
Or like them on Facebook:

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