Travel: ‘St. Lorenzo’ Palma de Mallorca

During the lecture-free period in January, the glutard and I went to Palma de Mallorca for some well-deserved relaxation. Before we left, I did my usual online investigation for the best gluten-free restaurants. This time though, I found something relatively new for Europe: a 100% gluten-free restaurant! Usually, these kinds of claims make me feel skeptical but reading the reviews, it looked like they could actually live up to the dream! Time to investigate…

We arrived at our destination and were greeted by the hostess, who was also the owner. After a short conversation, we were convinced the restaurant was 100% gluten-free: staff wasn’t even allowed to bring gluten products on the premises. Then, the hardest part: choosing what to eat. It almost never happens that we can choose ANYTHING from the menu so we had to discuss which dishes to order so we can share and try the most as possible. We ended up ordering a shared platter of tapas.

The platter was a beautiful arrangement of different kinds of tapas: manchego cheese, Serrano ham, patatas bravas, calamari and the best of all: the cod croquettes. Everything was delicious and I think we were in heaven for the best part of an hour. But we weren’t finished here: we wanted dessert. You see, when you come across a place this good and have peace of mind eating there, you have to make the most of it. So dessert…

We ordered different desserts, again for sharing reasons and my god, they were good! The picture on the left was the toffee sweet pancake and on the right is the brownie with ice-cream. Now, the brownie was great but the toffee pancake… this is how I want to eat my pancakes for the rest of my life! The pancake was light and slightly chewy and perfect. The experience was great, and we almost didn’t want to leave.

Sooo… we didn’t make dinner plans for the following night and came back! This time for pizzas and more of those amazing cod croquettes. We ordered a BBQ chicken pizza and a Victoria pizza (cod, prawns, tomato, and mozzarella) and again, we were not disappointed. If you ever find yourself in Palma and want to have a 100% care-free, gluten-free experience, this is the best place you can go! They deserve 5/5 stars 😉

Check out their website:

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