Review 2 years later: Burger Bar

We’re baaaaack! Or well, we were back last week, but I digress. In a previous review of Burger Bar in Chicago, I said we would definitely be back, and we had to comply.

Somehow, walking into Burger Bar felt like coming home: the promise of burgers and a to-die-for boozy chocolate shake mixed with pop punk music in the background… aah. But let’s get to business: we’re talking Burgers here.

The glutard and I both got the ‘Barbacoa Stacker’: “chorizo-Angus burger, smoked pork barbacoa, Colby jack cheese, avocado salsa, roasted jalapeno aioli, spicy house made Fritos” – yum. I added a spiked chocolate three-way to my order and the glutard ordered a ‘New Grist’ gluten free beer. They had made a distinction on the menu between the ‘gluten free crafted’ and ‘gluten free certified’ beers, which really made me happy (it made it seem like they knew what they were talking about). And they did: again the burger was great, the beer was great (and my shake was great). My only problem was the prospect of having to wait a few years to come back again. Sigh.

Their website:
Their Facebook page:

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