Review: Wheat’s End Café

As I had mentioned in an earlier post, we were lucky enough to go back Stateside this summer! After having burgers and beers at Burger Bar the day before, we were craving something a little more… refined. So Wheat’s End Café it was!

This was one of the cafés I had sought out before we arrived, and was a top priority: not only because of the reviews but also because of the name (I’m a sucker for good puns)


The café wasn’t too busy, but other couples and families cosily filled the simple & clean café. Again, I was pleasantly surprised by a warning sign: “Wheat’s End is a 100% Gluten Free environment” ~ yay! Having had good experiences at New Day Gluten Free, this gave me peace of mind.

We decided to order and one thing immediately caught my eye: the 48-hour short ribs. I’m not sure if the rib-struggle is as difficult elsewhere, but it seems to be very difficult to get GF- ribs of any kind at restaurants in the Netherlands, so he needed to try this. Unfortunately, when we ordered them, we found out they didn’t have them… boo! Luckily the rest of their menu was great, and we found something to replace the ribs. I had the bagel and house cured lox, which was amazing! Thier pickled onions were to die for, and I’m going to make them at home in the future. The glutard had the omelette with a bagel. Everything tasted great and to top it all off, we bought two doughnuts to take home with us!

Wheat’s End Café gets 4 out of 5 stars for service, options and atmosphere. I think that, if they had the ribs on hand, and they were even only half as good as they sounded, they would definitely get 5/5 stars. Maybe next time!

Their website:
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The menu:

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