Review: New Day Gluten Free

We were lucky enough to be able to spend a few weeks with family in the States, and anyone with special dietary wishes knows that travelling abroad is always… challenging to say the least. Thanks to my aunt, who had found the app Find Me Gluten Free, we were able to enjoy this special gluten free cafe: New Day Gluten Free.

New Day Gluten Free introduced us to something new: they featured a sign in front of their business warning patrons not to bring any ‘outside’ food in, that this was a 100% gluten free environment. Even though this may seem strict or unnecessary, it made me so happy and gave me more faith in this business.

We were able to get a seat at a table, even though it was quite busy, and we were helped by friendly staff. We were surprised with all of the great choices for lunch, especially considering EVERYTHING was gluten free.

We all decided on getting different subs, and we also bought a box of cookies (these lasted a grand total of 2 hours after getting back to the hotel).

The food was delicious: you couldn’t tell the difference between their subs and subs at, say, Subway or Jimmy Johns.


Not only did they offer great eating-in options: their takeaway and catering options looked great as well. Also… look at their pastries!

This cafe deserves 5 stars for service, breakfast and lunch options and policy. I can’t wait to visit again some day!

Their website:
Their Facebook page:

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