Travel: ‘De Walvis’, West-Terschelling ****

During Easter break, the glutard and I went to one of the Wadden Islands, Terschelling. Known for it’s cranberry specialty products and beautiful nature, we try to visit once every year. This year, we decided to take a boat later than we usually do, and take some time to see the sights, and most importantly, taste the tastes. We decided to have lunch at Beach Pavilion “De Walvis” in West-Terschelling. Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve been here: we usually grab some drinks here with the whole family on our many walks, but this time, we were hungry and ready to eat!

One of the best things about De Walvis, is that they have a separate menu for any one with any kind of intolerance. The gluten free one even has a disclaimer that “they hope you’re not asking for the gluten free menu as part of the hype, and that they’d love to help you in any way”, which is pretty okay, since a lot of restaurants don’t even really acknowledge a difference between people that just go with the hype (and don’t have problems with gluten) and people that are intolerant of even the smallest crumb. But I digress…

The glutard had two gluten free ribeye ciabattas with Parmesan, truffle mayonaise, rucola and pine nuts. It looked great and the waiter seemed to be really careful with it. The glutard gave his seal of approval and couldn’t stop mentioning how much he loved the truffle mayonaise.


I want to give “De Walvis” 4 stars for their special menu, their great service (and that VIEW!), as well as the tasty lunch.


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