Happy St. Paddy’s!

Happy St. Paddy’s! May you find a four leaf clover and be lucky forever (or drink your weight in green beer, whatever floats your boat). In honor of this majestic holiday, I decided to post a recipe for a great (green!) snack for your party needs.

I think I want to call them ‘broccoli balls’, but if that sounds too healthy for today, by all means, give them a new nickname. The reason I’d think of calling them broccoli balls is well, because their main ingredient is, you guessed it: broccoli! But they are so good… I made about 12 for the two of us and I was craving more. That could also just be me…

The ingredients:

– 1 head of broccoli
– 1 spring onion
– a block of cheddar cheese
– 50 grams of gluten-free crackers
– 1 egg

1. Start by cooking you broccoli, just as you normally would. Also, turn on your oven at 200°C (or about 400°F).
2. While this is cooking, cut up your spring onion (rings or half-rings are fine), throw them in a bowl.
3. Your broccoli should be done after about 6 minutes of cooking on medium-high heat, drain the water from the pot and run some cold water over you broccoli so you don’t burn yourself later.
4. Chop up your broccoli into small bits, if it turns into a mush-like substance, that’s okay. Throw into the bowl with the spring onions.
5. Grate about a handful (or more…) of cheddar into the bowl with a grater.
6. Crunch up the crackers in your hands (or if you’re not the Hulk, wrap the packaging in a towel and hit the packaging with a hammer) and put in the bowl.
7. Crack the egg into the bowl with the rest of the ingredients and mix with a spoon.
8. Roll the mix into small balls and place them on the on the baking tray.
9. Bake them in the oven for between 15 – 20 minutes.
10. Optional: serve with hot sauce or a yoghurt dip. Enjoy!


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