Clean protein challenge day 4: green bean & shrimp pasta

Ah pasta, the best comfort food and easily my favorite go to meal (and yes, I mean any kind of pasta). In my clean eating week, today was a busy busy day, leaving less time for cooking. Luckily, this recipe is incredibly easy to make and so rewarding. Get ready to treat your tastebuds!

For this recipe you’ll need:

– gluten free spaghetti (I measure my spaghetti by using the finger method (get your head out of the gutter! check out the video below to see what I mean!)
– green beans (about two cups)
– baby shrimp (about a handful, or more if you like shrimp…)
– cooking cream

1. Start cooking your spaghetti. To make sure everything fits in the pan, you can break the spaghetti in half. Depending on how long the spaghetti takes, you may be able to add your green beans to the spaghetti, to cook together.
2. Cook you shrimp in a small frying pan, this doesn’t have to take long at all. Once your shrimp aren’t translucent anymore, you can consider them done.
3. Once your pasta, green beans and shrimp are cooked and drained, add everything to one pot (preferably the pot you’ve cooked your pasta in) and add the cooking cream.
4. Mix the cream and the ingredients together and add a dash of salt and pepper
5. Sit down and relax, your dinner is ready to be enjoyed!

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