Review: Jopen limited – Hop zij met ons

This review is all on Albert: before he found out he had celiacs, he was a beer connoisseur of sorts (or you could call it being a student I guess). One of the first things he told me he was going to miss,  was in fact beer (later on he changed it to bread though). 

Once we heard our local supermarket (Albert Heijn) was going to start carrying a new gluten-free beer, we (read: he) had to give it a try. 

The beer is an Indian Pale Ale (IPA) and is labelled as such: “‘Hop zijn met ons’ is a distinct IPA. This limited edition has been brewed with Mosaic hops and has piney, tropical and citrus fruit hoparoma’s. The bitterness is as one would expect from an IPA: strong”. 

The EBU (European Bitterness Unit, don’t worry, I had to look it up) is 65, and is the beer is thus categorised as very bitter beer (everything over an EBU of 40 is considered strong, though most people consider 25 to be strong as well… Thanks Wikipedia!)

The price of one 0,33 ml bottle was €2,49, which is a little more expensive than average for a gluten-free beer. But from what I heard, it was worth it! It was indeed a bitter ale, but even I enjoyed the small sip I had, which says a lot coming from a anything-but-beer drinker. 

Albert gives it a 7,5/10!

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