Raspberry & White Chocolate Brownies

The very first thing you have to do when it gets colder HAS to be to buy enough baking mix (or ingredients to bake from scratch). Luckily for me, my favorite gluten-free shop decided to have a sale on all their baking mixes – YES! Needless to say I stocked up for holiday season: who needs the extra stress of baking from scratch during the already hectic holidays?!? Not me! I got a ton of different baking mixes (from the simple brownie mix to a mix for gingerbread cookies).

14689819_10208645337223489_852619671_oFor the brownies, I used this mix: Mama Loulou Gluten-free brownie mix. It’s all cutesy and pink (blegh), but it’s a really good brand, so I’ll just have to deal with it. I think a pack is usually around €7,- (€7,50) for a 20×20 cm pan, which is not that bad.

Now without further ado: Raspberry & White Chocolate Brownies!

-3 eggs
-150 grams of butter (softened)
-Mama Loulou Brownie mix
-150 grams fresh raspberries (or raspberry jelly)
-1 small bar of white chocolate
(optional: frosting)

1.) Turn on your oven to about 180°C (340°F).
2.) Chop up your raspberries into pulp and your chocolate into small chunks.
3.) Mix your eggs and softened butter, and slowly add the brownie mix to avoid clumps.
4.) Once your batter has been mixed thoroughly (don’t worry if it looks really thick, it’ll work out!), mix in chocolate chunks.
5.) Pour the batter into the dish you want to bake it in, and spread evenly.
6.) Spread your raspberry pulp / jam over the chocolate – Don’t worry if it doesn’t cover all of the chocolate, you can always swirl it around with your spoon or a toothpick.
7.) Bake for about 25-30 minutes (may be shorter or longer depending on your oven)
8.) Take out and leave to cool for a while before you dig in / frost.

On the left, beautiful, fresh raspberries – on your right the mix (don’t mind the clumps)

The flavors in these brownies are awesome! The tartness of the raspberries pairs perfectly with the sweet, white chocolate and the rich chocolate brownie mix. Definitely a good alternative to ‘normal’ brownies, and also a really tasty mix!

Enjoy your own Raspberry & White Chocolate Brownies & feel free to share your own recipes!

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