The Welsh Bakestone 

It has been entirely too long. After a long summer break, uni started again as well as an amazing internship. This is the first time I actually have time to write! 

So we’ll start off with a bang! A review for one of the most awesome bakeries in the Netherlands:The Welsh Bakestone. 

Recently renovated, the Welsh Bakestone looks amazing! A new display case and some new ovens make it look slick and like new. Naturally, it’s about what’s in them, not how they look. 

They had a marvelous assortment of sweet treats (all gluten-free of course): cupcakes, meringue pies, brownies… All sorts of things! 

Instead of going for sweet, we decided to go savory and got a small pizza each. The pizza was amazing! A soft, but crispy crust, large slices of pepperoni and all together gluten-free paradise! 

The pizza was €3.50 which is a great price for an easy gluten-free lunch. Absolute recommendation!

Because we were so happy with the overall experience of the pizza, we decided to get some things for home:a loaf of brown bread, white rolls and cinnamon buns. Now I have to let you know ahead of time, I love cinnamon buns! So I was kind of anxious of tasting the cinnamon buns, not wanting it to be a disappointment for my glutard. It was amazing! It didn’t have frosting or anything, but that didn’t matter: the pastry was perfect on its own. Moist, great taste, really just perfect! 

Look at that bun!! My glutard tried the bread rolls, but they were so good that they disappeared before I could take a proper picture,  which is probably a good thing. 

The Welsh Bakestone is an amazing gluten-free bakery. If you’re ever in the area, check it out! They do usually work by order, but you can also pop by and have a great lunch! They also do special birthday cakes and high-teas.


Address: Westduinweg 193 Den Haag

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