Easy Bibimbap

The first time I had bibimbap was in Brussels a few years ago, when I was playing tour-guide for students from my study association. As fun as it was, I was really looking forward to having some good food. After careful deliberation, I decided to try some spicy bibimbap. I was surprised when the waitress came back with an extremely hot bowl, and I was so happy with my choice: the flavors, the presentation (high masterchef content here), everything was spot on.

So, of course I decided to recreate it at home. No sizzling hot pots, but the taste was just as good if not better. For four bowls you will need (but feel free to mess around with the ingredients a bit):

– 400 grams of white rice
– 1 head of broccoli
– 250 grams of mushrooms (‘normal’ or chestnut)
– 250 grams of sliced (or chopped) carrots
– 200 grams of bean sprouts
– 300 grams of fresh spinach
– 1 zucchini
(optional: use coconut oil for a more intense veggie flavor)

1. Start by cooking your rice; follow the directions on your packaging.
2. While you are cooking your rice you can chop/slice your carrots and zucchini, cut your broccoli into small florets, slice your mushrooms (or quarter them).
3. Start to cook your broccoli in a small pan; you don’t want to overcook it, just make it a bit more easy to eat.
4. In one pan, cook your mushrooms,  your spinach (this cooks quite fast), your bean sprouts (another fast cooker). You can cook these three in this order. The idea is to keep the ingredients separated, so you can divide them in different little bowls, and put some aluminium foil on them to keep the warmth in. So don’t stir-fry these ingredients!
5. In another pan, cook your carrots and your zucchini until they are a little bit softer, but not mushy.
6. By now, your rice should be done. Grab your four bowls, and divide the rice equally.
7. Using one of the pans that you just used for the veggies, fry four eggs sunny side up (do your best to keep the yolk intact, it will be used as your sauce in a minute!) Meanwhile, divide the veggies among the bowls, piling them up on the sides, leaving the middle of your bowl open.
8. Take your fried egg and gently place on top of the rice in the middle of the bowl.

This is your bibimbap! Now the best part: the stirring! Stir all the ingredients in the bowl, breaking apart your egg and using the yolk as sauce. The taste is amazing!


Because this is the ‘easy’ bibimbap, I did leave out something that most people think is the best about the whole recipe: the ACTUAL bibimbap sauce. For this sauce, you’ll need:

2 tbs Gochujang (hot pepper paste)
2 tbs white rice vinegar
4 tsp sesame oil
1 tbs sugar

Mix these together in a saucepan on medium heat  for about 2 minutes to get the bibimbap signature sauce! Be careful, it’ll be spicy!

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