Video inspiration – TASTY!

Anyone with Facebook and a love for food is probably following Buzzfeed’s ‘Tasty’ by now. It’s amazing. So many new recipes to try out. So many of them that need a gluten-free upgrade as well!

A few weeks ago, I had some friends over to try some of these recipes. Now I’ll share two rather simple ones, inspired by the tasty videos.

First up: Mac&Cheese (and peas and bacon)

You will need:

-Gluten-free macaroni (around 75 grams per person)
-Slices of cheddar cheese (This is up to you – one or two is a good basic, but if you love cheese, by all means, use the full pack)
A few slices of bacon (same deal as with the cheese)
-500 grams of peas

1. Make your macaroni according to the package (usually takes around 10-12 minutes cooking time)
2. In the meantime, cook your bacon in a pan with little to no oil (it helps it get crispy faster – since you’re looking for a crunch). Also get your peas and start to cook them as well.
3. When you macaroni is done, drain the water. After the water is drained, rip one or two (three, four, six) slices of cheddar cheese and mix in with the macaroni (when still hot).
4. Drain your peas, and cut your bacon into small pieces.
5. Add peas and bacon to macaroni and cheese.

It was really good! Two of my friends had never had macaroni and cheese before in their lives, so it was awesome to be the first one to make it for them. Unfortunately, I lost the link to this specific dish. I guess that’s what happens when you have 132 (and more added each day) video recipes saved on Facebook.


And now, Gluten-free mozzarella sticks

You will need:

-3 eggs
-your favorite GF flour: we like to use corn flour, and otherwise chickpea flour
-mozzarella (2 bags – 300 grams)

Note! For convenience, it may be best to use a fryer. If you DON’T own a fryer though, you can always use a wok or other deep pan with a lot more oil than usual.

1. The first thing to do, is to cut your mozzarella. Since we want sticks, cut the mozzarella as such (think of the size of a french fry) 
2. Next, grab two bowls: in one, break all your eggs and whisk them; in the other layer some of your flour of choice.
3. Grab your mozzarella sticks, and one by one, roll them through the flour. Straight after that, dip the sticks in the egg wash.
4. After you have rolled the sticks in flour once, and gave them the egg wash once, you can roll your stick in flour once more. So: roll in flour – dip in egg wash – roll in flour.
After you’ve finished your sticks, carefully put them into the fryer/deep pan and fry them.
5. They’ll be done once they are golden brown
6. Enjoy them with your sauce of choice!

So cheesy!

Since I love Tasty so much, I’ll probably post these kinds of recipes more often.. but I would absolutely encourage you to check out their recipes as well:

And don’t forget to look at country specific recipes as well (you might need to use google translate for these though). Also, if you have any questions about how you can make a recipe gluten-free, you can always comment or send me a message and I’ll try and answer your question ASAP! 🙂


*Header is the original TASTY logo and is property of Buzzfeed- Tasty

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