Pangasius Fillet from the oven

This is a nostalgic recipe for me. My parents used to make it quite often, even though it consisted mostly of things I hated: rice and tomatoes. I always ate it, because the fish and the boursin made it somewhat more edible (and I was raised to eat what was on my plate). Somehow, almost 4 years after moving out of my parents house, I decided to finally recreate the recipe that I had a long love/hate relationship with. Luckily now, my taste buds have matured and I can’t imagine a life without rice, and tomatoes don’t automatically make me gag anymore… yay!


What you’ll need for this recipe:

-100 grams of uncooked rice per person (wild rice gives an extra bite, risotto rice makes it silky)
-1 fillet of pangasius per person (or share one if you’re not real big on fish)
-1 package of boursin (herb/garlic cream cheese) (150 grams)
-cherry tomatoes (as many as you’d like really – I  used about 6)

1. First of all weigh out your rice, and cook it according to the package. We actually used left-over sushi rice for this, since we had way to much left to throw out.
2. While you’re cooking your rice, heat up your oven to 200°C, cut the boursin in thin slices, and halve your cherry tomatoes.
3. Once your rice is done, drain it, and then spread it over the bottom of your oven dish.
4. Next, take half of your boursin and strategically place a few thin slices on top of the rice, about where you are going to put your fish. Also spread your tomatoes.
5. Grab your fish, rub some salt and pepper on both sides and place it on the pieces of boursin and the tomatoes.
6. Spread (or crumb) the rest of your boursin on top of the fish.
7. Let it cook in the oven for about 20-25 minutes – the fish is done once it loses it’s pink, and is nice and white (or even a small bit translucent). If you’re not sure, just cut open the fish and check the insides for the color. You might lose points for presentation, but hey, at least you won’t get sick.

13340441_10207604430041460_107582016_o      13340642_10207604430241465_824136555_o13321049_10207604430481471_327664839_o

In any case, enjoy this easy, absolutely tasty meal, and maybe someday it’ll turn into a nostalgic meal for you as well!

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