Paris: Helmut Newcake

Hi! It’s been a while hasn’t it? I promise, I’ll make some more time to keep uploading my gluten-free adventures now! This particular adventure was about a year ago (I know, shame on me). But It was so awesome, I still have to share!

Helmut Newcake in Paris is THE place to be for Celiacs with a sweet-tooth. Now unfortunately the specific address we went to is closed permanently, Helmut Newcake still has an order only address for some of the best gluten-free pastries I’ve ever tasted.

Being me, I had to order the Chocolate Lava Cake, or as sold by Helmut Newcake the Fondant au Chocolat. It was sooooo good, and since when do the actual products look so much like the advertisement?

dfjkd fondant au chocolat sans gluten
The first photo is mine, the second is the ad 🙂

Looks pretty fantastic huh? I enjoyed it fully. The other things we ordered were:

éclair au chocolat sans gluten FullSizeRender (15)

an eclair and I think we also got a  Chûchecake (a cheesecake). Afterwards we waddled out (the pastries weren’t small, and on top of that, my Fondant au Chocolat was incredibly rich).

©Helmut Newcake – YUM!! and all Gluten-free

If you’re ever in Paris, check it out! And treat your taste buds to some of their less traditional desserts! The address that is still open is close to both Le Louvre and Les Champs Elysees; so it won’t take you too far away from your probable route 😉



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