Mexican Soup

Yay! Surprise! Two recipes today! I started off with Sausage Rolls, but I also wanted to share this classic: Mexican Soup! It’s a recipe I copied off a friends’ mom. It’s pretty simple, and all you’ll need is this:

-Chicken fillets (about 400 grams)
-Half of 1 onion
-1 or two cloves of garlic
-Canned peeled tomatoes (2 cans)(or about 800 grams)
-2 boxes of passata di pomodoro (a sort of thin tomato puree)
-2 bell peppers choose your favorite color, but green and yellow look best
-Spicy spices! I throw in about half a tbs of paprika, salt and pepper, a tbs of sambal. You can also try it with basil.
-Salty tortilla chips
-Sour Cream
-Guacamole (optional)

How to make this lovely, spicy dish:

Chop up your onion and garlic. Let it fruit on middle to high fire in a large pot.
Cut your chicken fillets into small, bite-size pieces, and throw into the pot with the onion and garlic. Add half of the spices you want to and cook the chicken.
One the chicken is almost done, add your peeled tomatoes and your tomato puree. Throw in the rest of the spices.
Stir and let simmer (and keep this up for about 15 minutes). While your stirring and letting simmer, cut up your bell peppers. They should be as small as the tip of your thumb.
Throw in the bell peppers and keep it going for about 5 minutes.
Turn of your heat, and serve the soup with sour cream, guac and tortilla chips!

Enjoy this simple, spicy dish!

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