Easy Pizza!

I know I’ve written a sort of pizza recipe before, but since I’ve tried this, I can’t make anything else!

What you’ll need are:
Schär wraps
Everything you want for your pizza!
We usually go for:
-Tomato paste/sauce
-Shoarma meat
-Cheese (mozzarella and your favorite grated)

Carefully take out the wraps (they aren’t the most delicate we’ve seen, but they have the tendency to crack).
Smear the tomato paste/sauce over the wrap. Leave about half a centimeter non-tomatoey.
Sprinkle your grated cheese over the now tomatoed wrap.
Add all other ingredients! If you’re going to try the shoarma (or any other meat for that matter, cook it seperately in a pan before putting it on the pizza!)

I put mine in the over for about 10-15 minutes at 170C. You’ll know your pizza is done when the mozzarella is gooey and the non-tomatoey parts of the wrap are crunchy looking.

Here are some pictures!





(as you can see, I cooked the shoarma before putting it on the pizza)



Drizzle it with garlic sauce – that goes great with shoarma!

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