Thanksgiving part 3: deviled eggs and mash

Two more easy recipes coming right up! Now these aren’t the most interesting recipes, but their simplicity makes for great filler recipes as well as perfect opportunities for trying out exotic twists to the classics.

For the deviled eggs you’ll need:
-12 (or more) eggs (considering how much everyone loves deviled eggs).
-2 tbs of your favorite mayonnaise (4 if you double your eggs)
-spices and other additives (I used lemon zest and sage, but basil would work as well for a fresh taste).

1. Boil your eggs until they are hard boiled. This should take about 8 – 10 minutes.
2. Once they are boiled, pour out most of the hot water and run cold water over the eggs. This is to make peeling more easy.
3. Peel the eggs!
4. Cut the peeled eggs in half (lengthwise) and carefully spoon out the yolk. Put the yolks into a seperate bowl.
5. After all the eggs are halved, and the yolks are in the bowl you can make your yolk mixture.
6. Add the mayonnaise and the spices and additives to the yolks and mash/stir these together. If the mixture tastes too dry, you can always add more mayonnaise.
7. Fill the empty egg-halves with the yolk mixture and refrigerate unitl you’re ready to eat!

Lengthwise halved eggs, thanks to

To be extra exotic try your yolk mixture with nutmeg or coriander! The variations are endless!

The second filler recipe is mashed potatoes!

You’ll need:

-Potatoes (a starchy kind is best for mashing!) (we usually use about 5-6 large ones for the 2 of us.
-Milk, no more than 300 ml.

1. Boil you potatoes till you can poke them on a fork and they easily fall off (15-20 minutes usually).
2. Drain water, add milk gradually and mash. You’ve added enough milk once the mixture is nice and fluffy and hasno more clumps.

Simple as that! But now we can go crazy!!

For a classic mashed potato, use salt and pepper!
For a spicy twist on the classic, add sambal to the salt and pepper (my favorite).
For a winter favorite use nutmeg.

To differ totally from the normal mash, cook some chinese cabbage while the potatoes are boiling and then add to the mash.

To make this lactose-free use soy milk (it gives the mash a sweeter taste).

Again, the variations are endless and I’d love to hear (and try all of yours!)

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