Thanksgiving part 1: green bean casserole

So Turkey day. A day of thanks, friends (the best!) and well, food. Thanksgiving is hardly imaginable without the dinner. But hearing of pies and stuffing and all else while following a gluten-free diet, yikes! Still, it had worked out last year, so I thought to give it another try!

So as I said in a previous post I’ll be posting a recipe (or a few) a day and show everything I’ve made this year! Today’s recipe will be gluten-free green bean casserole!

So all you need for the green bean casserole are:

-green beans (1 or 2 bags of frozen green beans, depending on how much you like green beans ;))
-gluten-free mushroom soup (we used Consenza)

Optional: fresh mushrooms
fried onions (I haven’t found gluten-free ones as of yet, maybe you will!)

This may be the easiest of all the recipes, as all you have to do is mix the soup and the green beans (and mushrooms if you have them) and put it in the oven! I had them in for 40 minutes at about 160⁰C.

Now this isn’t really a casserole and mostly, really, a work in progress. Next time I make it, I’ll try binding it with some corn meal or something like that. I’ll post a new recipe once I find the sweet spot!

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