Burger Bar Chicago!

As you may have noticed before, I really like the combination of burgers and alcohol (think of Burgers & Booze in Antwerp!). So, of course, this combo couldn’t be missed on my trip to Chicago. As with any trip, the weeks beforehand were about research: where can we eat so no one has a bad time afterwards? This time the choice was Burger Bar on Michigan Ave. and how we enjoyed it!

I had read good reviews on their gluten-free burgers and decided to give it a try, or well, my glutard did. After careful deliberation, I decided to build my own burger (there were just too many good options). A half pound Angus burger with all the toppings I could ever desire (so, well, mostly pickles). My glutard got the gluten-free version of the build your own burger. The waitress was very helpful with explaining which toppings would be ok for him and everything, so that was great! Now I did something that may be a bit uncharacteristic for me when I’m in a bar: instead of getting something boozy to drink (they had all kids of ciders!) I went with a milkshake. And not just any milkshake, no, a Chocolate Three Way. Three kinds of chocolate and all kinds of happiness.. They just don’t make them like that here!

So back to the burgers. Once they arrived I could tell it was going to be good: the gluten-free buns looked fluffy and, well, not like cardboard for a change! Luckily, I was right: the taste was exquisite and not just for a GF-bun, it tasted as good (if not better) than my own gluten-full bun! I was so happy we found this place. Even as the day proceeded, there were no problems with having eaten there so kudos to you guys at the Burger Bar! Next time we’re in the area we will absolutely drop by again!

their site: http://burgerbarchicago.com/

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