Quick Recipe! Breakfast cups and Potato Peeling chips

This week has been an incredibly busy week and little time to experiment in the kitchen. But do not despair, I found the time! As a frequent pinner on Pinterest, I decided to try out a muffin tin recipe. Now this recipe was an easy (and cheap!) one, and since Thursday, we’ve made it twice! I’m talking about a muffin tin breakfast!

What will you need?

2 eggs
2 medium potatoes or hash browns
4 strips of bacon (bite sized) or bacon bits (about a hand full)
A 6-slot muffin tin

How to make them?

1. If you decide to cut your own potatoes, cut them into small strips (they should look like small fries).
2. Preheat the oven to about 180°C
3. Start cooking your potato strips (I cooked them in a bit of sunflower oil on low heat).
4. Once the potato strips are almost done, throw in your bacon and cook both
5.While the potato strips and the bacon are cooking, whisk two eggs in a small bowl.
6. Once the potato strips and bacon are done cooking, take them off of the heat and divide over your muffin pan.
7. Once all the potato strips and bacon are divided into your muffin tin, divide the whisked eggs over the 6 slots.
8. Put into the oven for about 10 minutes for a well done egg (not snotty). If you do like your eggs a bit snotty, take a few minutes off the oven time!

We love this recipe! It’s easy and tasty and perfect for breakfast or lunch. You can also make it a day ahead and it eat the day after.. Yay!

10957920_10204445601512721_1708749766_n 10966721_10204445598592648_2051570519_n10965580_10204445597392618_1535739522_n  10966885_10204445595992583_722738659_n

Bonus! After peeling the potatoes, we decided not to let them go to waste and.. made our own sea salt chips!
We put them in the oven at about 190°C for 10 minutes after oiling and salting them up! They came out a bit less crunchy than normal chips, but the taste was amazing! We will do this to all our potato peelings 🙂


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