The struggle is real: pizza

As the title says: the struggle is real… that is, the struggle to find tasty gluten free pizza. Most things have at least adequate gluten free variations: gluten free pasta is actually pretty good and buckwheat pancakes are much better than the ‘gluten full’ mixes. But pizza, or pizza crusts, are incredibly difficult to find. Once we had a good one ( we actually loved that one!) our local supermarket decided not to carry it anymore. Thanks a bunch. They came back with a new crust, which you could probably best compare with grainy cardboard. Yuck! We decided to bin those pizza’s after we had both just eaten a piece. Then we went to the nearest bio-store. We decided to go for 1 gluten free pizza with salami and ended up paying €6,- for a small pizza (I was already looking at how much a rib or two would go at on the black market). This one as well was not up to the standards we had set after the first crusts we had found (I think that was Schar).

But now, in absolute need of a pizza, or – at this point – anything similar, I decided to make pizza muffins. I found a rather easy recipe on Pinterest and was eager to try it out. But yet our local supermarket decided to fail on us, again. Where they used to carry gluten free pizza crust mix (to make a pizza from scratch), they decided to take this out as well. I was already ready to put back all the toppings I had gotten for my pizza muffins when I checked my shopping basket: the toppings, some yogurt, some tea.. and bread! Instead of the muffins, I was going to try to make my pizza croque-monsieur style! This was going to work!

How to make croque-monsieur style pizza (perfect for lunch or light dinner!)

1 loaf of gluten free bread (I used sliced brown, but any other kind should work out as well).
1 pack of cheese slices (again, choose to your liking)
1 pack of salami
2 small jars of tomato paste

1.Smear your tomato paste on one side of a piece of bread
2. layer on your cheese and salami (if you have enough, go crazy, and multi-layer that thing!)
3. Top with another slice of bread

10877981_10204417095800096_705940201_n 10965778_10204417096680118_1438916587_n 10959262_10204417097920149_1088405211_n

You can use either a sandwich toaster or a normal pan for this step:

4. In the pan use sunflower oil, in the sandwich toaster butter both sides of the bread that will be in contact with the toaster. In a pan: flip the croque-monsieur around until the cheese has melted. In the toaster: wait till the cheese has melted to take it out.


To make this pizza croque-monsieur into a pizza croque madame, all you have to do is fry an egg on the side and place it on top of your sandwich when both are done. Eat with or without sauces.


We decided to try this recipe in the oven as well! Use the same ingredients, just don’t top off the pizza with another piece of bread. Put the bread in the oven for 5 minutes at 180°C. It should look a bit like this:


It was PERFECT! 😀 Great pizza taste 🙂

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