Review: Teriyaki Sauce

This will be my first product review.

AH Excellent Japanse Teriyaki Saus

I found out about this gem while reading through the Dutch Celiac Forum looking for substitutes for sauces (cause that might just be the hardest part about cooking gluten-free).

This product contains wheat (gluten!) but in such a small amount, the European health regulations allow it to be called gluten-free. Products may show the gluten free logo if they have 20 or less parts per million (or 20 or less milligrams per kilogram of product).

The verdict: The Teriyaki sauce has a great taste and isn’t even that expensive (considering the other teriyaki sauce prices and the price of usual gluten-free products). We use this about twice a month for our easy Chicken Teriyaki recipe (read below)! This product is a game changer for our Japanese cuisine! 4 stars!


Chicken Teriyaki Recipe

200 gr. rice
300 gr. chicken (boneless)
300 gr. veggies (we either use broccoli or a Asian vegetable mix)
50 gr. cashews or peanuts
1 bag Teriyaki Sauce

1. Cook the rice as instructed on the packet.
2. Cut the chicken into small, bite sized parts and cook till practically done (no pink, but not yet browning)
3. Add your vegetables and nuts of choice to the chicken and pour the sauce over this new mixture.
4. Make sure the sauce reaches the contents of the pan and keep stirring
5. Once the sauce starts to boil a bit you can turn off the heat.
6. Drain the rice and make a rice ‘plateau’ on a plate
7. Scoop a large spoonful (or 2,3..) of the chicken/veg/sauce mixture onto the rice.. Ready to serve!

It’s one of our favorite recipes for an easy dinner!

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