Gluten-free Rice Lasagna

So for my first trick..

Tonight I made Rice Lasagna for dinner! I found a recipe on one of my favorite cooking sites..! Since we had a lot of rice just lying around, I decided tolook for an easy recipe. So, here is my version of allrecipes’ Rice Lasagna!rice lasagne

Rice Lasagna
Serves 4
about 30-40 minutes to make (need an oven!)

300gr. ground beef
200 gr. rice (we used the quick to make kind)
1 500ml jar of spaghetti sauce
1 bag (400gr.) veggies (look for italian style/mushrooms)
2 bags (125gr. a piece) of mozzarella cheese
(if you have it, some Parmesan cheese to sprinkle on after the oven).

1. Follow the instructions on the packet for your rice.
2.In the meanwhile, start with your ground beef. You can spice this however you want, we used a prefabricated mix for beef (salt, peper, coriander, paprika etc.etc.). Cook till almost fully done.
3. Once the ground beef is almost done (only a few red strips left) throw in half of your jar of spaghetti sauce and all of the veggies. Make sure the sauce reaches everything in the pan.
4. At this point your rice and “meaty sauce” should be done: now we can start layering!
5. In an oven dish, layer a bit of meaty sauce. On top of that a layer of rice followed by a small bit of spaghetti sauce and slices of mozzarella (use the first cheese for this layer). After this a layer of meaty sauce, then rice, the the remainder of the spaghetti sauce and top off with slices of mozzarella cheese!
6. Put in the oven for 10 minutes at around 170oC (350oF).

Once it’s out of the oven you can sprinkle the Parmesan cheese over the now molten layer of mozzarella. It tasted great! and something we will absolutely make more often!

We paid about €6,50 for this, which would be around €1,70 per person. (In the picture you can actually make out the layers a bit!)10917494_10204304384022372_571824627_n

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